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About Buy Native

This site was created by lifelong garden and nature enthusiast, Chris D’Agorne.

Grow it to Know it

Many wildflowers and trees just look like ‘green mush’ when you’re not familiar with them. But growing a plant can change your relationship with it.

We can fall in love with our British flora by growing wildflowers and native trees in gardens. The more you see a flower or leaf, the easier it is to notice and identify the plant when you see it in the wild. Become a wildflower expert by growing native plants at home, and support the recovery of nature while you’re at it!

What’s the Problem?

We’re happy for people to plant non-natives – they’re a fun part of the gardening experience – but it’s strangely difficult to find information and sellers for wild British plants.

Native plants typically offer extra benefits for biodiversity, above non-native plants. They’ve been around for 1000s of years on our island, so they have complex relationships with our other native wildlife. These relationships are missing, broken or weak when it comes to most introduced species.

But native plants are hard to source, and information on them is extremely unreliable. Many plants listed as ‘native’ elsewhere are non-native, or, worse – invasive non-natives. So let’s get the basics right – a simple, fun and well-researched site that makes native plants easy to find and buy.

About Chris D'Agorne

After 2.5 years at Candide – a website and app dedicated to gardening, I moved on to Ecosulis – a rewilding consultancy.

This blend of experiences -plus a lifetime of other bits and bobs, from postgraduate research in plant genetics to website management – put me in an ideal position to identify the opportunity presented by a native plants website. In 2023, I left Ecosulis to build Life to Land – a nature recovery portal for landowners.

Running the Site

From the photography to the code, the icons to the page research, where possible, it’s all done in-house.

Keeping costs low is a priority on a project like this one, so I’ve avoided paying for anything unless it was essential to the way the site operated, or was required to get things running. Where possible, I shoot my own images (like this one of Butcher’s Broom), write my own copy and do my own research, in collaboration with my 9 year old!

Buy Native is not for IDs

This site is intended as a gardener’s companion, not an ID guide – I recommend Harrap’s Wild Flowers for identification.

Some images (like this one of Sea Buckthorn) are sourced from sites like Unsplash and Pixabay – these are checked to ensure they do at least closely resemble the plant shown. However, plant identification requires a great deal of specialist knowledge, pictures and information – more than will be provided here!