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Conservation Starts at Home

The more you know about native plants, the more likely you are to protect them.

We started from this simple, scientifically-proven fact, and realised that access to information about native plants is at the heart of the fight to restore British biodiversity.

Tackling 'Plant Blindness'

Without an education in native plants, British citizens see them as ‘weeds’ or ‘green mush’.

Growing plants at home cultivates a love for them that is hard to undervalue. But gardeners don’t have easy access to reliable information about native plants, so we decided to solve that problem.

Converting British Gardeners

Native plants are great for biodiversity, so they deserve a great website designed to discover them.

Getting British gardeners to buy native plants won’t be easy! The first step is a website which is not just good, but great – simple and fun to use, with detailed information that’s actually useful.

We Need Your Support

For Buy Native to compete with other major players, we need your support.

It’s not enough to just create a website. The site is mostly up and running, but new pages need populating, and ads could bring native plants to new audiences. This requires funding.

Become a Patron

Help fund the creation of new pages and the work we do to reach new audiences by supporting us on Patreon.

We have two membership tiers available – Birds and Bees.

Bees get access to beautiful, royalty free images – print them out or put them on your website – use them however you like! You’ll also receive updates from us about native plants and the progress of the site.

Birds is the higher tier of membership, with extra perks, including a sponsored plant, and a credit on every page of the website!

We really appreciate your support, but ask that you only give if you can afford to. We understand that not everybody has money to spend, and would prefer that you make sound financial decisions than support our website!

Become a Corporate Sponsor

Buy Native is a positive brand that represents hope and a generational shift in gardening. Become part of our story.

We have several different sponsorship opportunities available:

Marquee Sponsorship
Become the lead sponsor of Buy Native, with prominent messages at the top of every plant profile and on the homepage.

Listing Partners
Advertise your products with a promoted listing across the entire site. These placements are both more visible and more clickable than the free listings, with a logo and promotional text. We will offer 3 tiers of partnership, with only 3 slots available – Gold, Silver and Bronze. Gold partners always appear at the top of ‘Buy Now’ listings, with the other tiers ranked below this.

No Money? No Problems

We know it can feel frustrating when you haven’t got the spare change to support a cause you believe in. So here’s what you can do to help Buy Native in other ways: 

– Link to us from other websites (‘backlinks’ help push us up in search results)

– Share our website and plant profiles on social media (this helps us reach new audiences)

– Post about us on Reddit (it’s really valuable for web traffic)

– Talk about us to your nan/grandad (maybe it’ll be a good conversation starter!)

– Tell your local garden centre or nursery staff about our website (they might recommend us to others)

We appreciate all the help we can get!